This post is inspired by a letter I just dropped in the mailbox.... consisting of the deposit for my whale watching trip in Baja! Its going to be pretty rustic... solar cabins, outside showers, chilly weather, no phone or internet... but who cares when there will be days of whale petting, quiet beach walking, fresh grilled seafood and margaritas, and nights of bright stars far away from the noise of 'civilization.'  I am SO excited!

So of course I've started thinking about what to wear.  (You know I'm kidding, as my wardrobe will most likely consist of sweats and flip flops.)  But still, its fun to fantasize.  So here's how we do rustic winter beach vacation...


and as for my hair....





Its not quite chilly enough yet for sweaters, but I'm looking forward to wrapping up in something cozy as winter approaches.

What I love:

Earthy color
Chunky texture
Interesting back
Looose neckline

For example:

Almost makes you want winter to come around, doesn't it?


I love the line from Four Weddings and a Funeral where Andie MacDowell, when complimented on her hat, says "do you like it?  I picked it specially."

That's how shopping should be, no matter what your style.  You pick it specially.

And how do we choose what is special for us?  

When I shop, I have about three general guidelines:

:  Doesn't require ironing or looks good rumpled.

:  Is comfortable.  (Thank you God for stretch jeans.)

:  Is classic with a touch of sass.

This covers a lot of territory.  But if I think about it, what I'm trying to project is a woman doesn't want to be stared at, but rather noticed for a brief moment and appreciated for having taken a bit of trouble.

So, here are the looks that I keep returning to and probably will always love, and why:

Soft fabric, neutral color, and an interesting contrast between the conservative sweater and the elegantly sexy skirt.

Stripes, denim & leather

Stretch jeans, classic striped T with a touch of unique styling, and the agelessly glamorous leather moto jacket.

classic and feminine

Softly gathered skirt, classic cardigan worn casually as a pullover.

Oh Michael-Thank you!  #Kors by Michael Kors  #Shoes

This is where I'm comfortable with flash.


Oh so comfortable, a bit of contrast to catch the eye, and dark color to keep it from looking frumpy.

love the pink

Color, but delicate and kept from being twee with a chunky texture.

beloved basics

If I have to explain the appeal of this look, you probably aren't reading my blog anyway.